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Arm wrestling contest, two hands symbol of brotherhood


Powerful growth happens in the masculine, while ​deep healing happens in the feminine. When the ​two come together, extraordinary things become ​possible!

This is a healing and expansion sacred ceremony ​held by women for men.

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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saturday, September 14, 202​4

Saturday, December 7, 202​4

Encinitas, C​A

“I'm very, very, very, very, very grateful that I had this ceremony experience in this space because ​I'm seeing how many people do this on their own and only get part of the experience, don’t have ​the conscious environment, and the integration is difficult.

I'm sitting here, thinking, oh my God, we got support leading up to it, we got the experience which ​was safe and completely wrapped up in love, and we have the post-event integration support, ​which is so so important.

I'm also seeing how powerful my experience was, like how deep I went because the medicine gave ​me a peek at the most sacred parts of who I am. I want men to understand the healing work we ​do in this life is so important. Thank you for putting this together!”


Father, Husband, 3x Business Owner

Journey beyond your current awareness to a place where deep healing, ​clarity, and peace reside.

This protocol has been developed by David Shemesh and Alexandre Tannous, ​ethnomusicologist, therapist, and sound researcher, over the past 20 years ​and is like a year of therapy in a day. It is designed to take your nervous ​system on a powerful yet loving healing journey. It helps you release trauma, ​receive insights, and discover your highest and best self.

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The experience starts with the pre-ceremony ​intention call. On this call, you will connect ​with your fellow attendees and begin to speak ​your intentions out loud. This helps make you ​feel comfortable and empowered as you ​enter the ceremony.

On the day of the ceremony, you will arrive at ​10:30 am for our consciousness priming talk. ​This is where we reiterate what to expect, set ​your mind up to go into the day with positive ​thoughts, and refine your intentions for the ​day.

After taking the medicine, we will use vocal activation - or wordless ​singing - to stimulate your vagus nerve, the part of your nervous ​system where you store emotions and trauma.

Arm wrestling contest, two hands symbol of brotherhood

Next, we will practice somatic breathwork, a powerful breathing ​technique that often results in a nervous system release and helps ​send you into a psychedelic state.

We will take you on a 5+ hour journey of s​ound. She will use overtone-emitting ins​truments such as crystal bowls, a gon​g, chimes, drums, the handpan, and​ many more. Many of these instruments ​are tuned to 440 Hz, the earth's freq​uency. The sound will guide your experie​nce, and the instruments' vibrations w​ill provide a powerful, energetic, a​nd somatic cleansing.

The day is ​c​oncluded with a group dinner and sharing ​circle. Finally, you will meet twice in the​ following weeks for integration ​calls.

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The ​experience

Your $1,000 investment includes:

  • one pre- and two post-ceremony group calls
  • all medicines & supplements
  • opening circle and intention setting
  • vocal activation & breathwork
  • 5+ hour meditation and sound journey
  • light dinner
  • sharing circle
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“The deep meditation and therapeutic sounds allowed a space to explore within myself and my ​subconscious. This experience had me see what living in love means at a deeper level and realize ​my actions and behaviors impact myself and others. Through this journey, I experienced joy, ​sadness, anger, and shame and a shift in my mind, body, and spirit. This will allow me to ​remember the journey (with w/total recall) and practice making a difference in my life internally ​and externally.


Father, Adventurer, Business Owner

Ready for ​deep healing, ​clarity, joy, ​and power?


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